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Do you sell h2s training? If so this website is available to rent , buy or buy leads from. Make money from this website overnight, it currently makes $300/month with adsense and could do 10x more by selling leads. I can develop the website for you into something innovative with high resolution stock photos that capture attention and LEADS. Most users are from Edmonton seeking H2S alive training. I can setup a lead registration form where the customer enters all their details to register for payment or for a callback on the course.

STOP ADVERTISING THROUGH ADWORDS! Cut out the middle man, this website gets upto 100 visits per day of Canadian traffic. Check and see for yourself, google “h2s alive online” “h2s alive” or even just “h2s” on google.ca and you will see this website on PAGE 1. Please contact Alex at 650-319-7351 and leave a detailed message with callback information. I look forward to injecting instant growth into your business, why wait for SEO when I have already done the SEO work.

Here at h2saliveonline.ca we have been through the struggle of finding employment and getting trains for h2s is one of the best possible ways to prepare yourself for employment, especially in northern Canada. Most jobs here will require you to take the H2S alive course. On this site, our goal, is for you to learn about the following:

If you have any feedback please use our contact form below. Feel free to send us suggestions you may have or topics we should cover.

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